The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery: should it be controlled? Plastic surgery refers to the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body, especially by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reason.However, plastic surgery has always been a quick fix for something. Every country around the world does not control plastic surgery in the way that is should be controlled. The governments must control plastic surgery in order to take care of their citizen in the country. Moreover, they should keep their eyes on what medical doctors use and give them license for the materials. Some people may argue that plastic surgery is their choice and they can choose the kind of beauty they want to have. However, it is argued that…show more content…
In addition to this, still plastic surgeries are expansive and by these days the amount of money is getting higher because plastic surgeries are increasing with different types. Furthermore, the price depends on the injection that will be used during the surgery. Also, it depends on the experience of the doctor and the process of the surgery. According to an article “Plastic Surgery Procedures and Costs,” explains by Jeenie.L Phipps, if you really want to go through with this rather radical way to improve your appearance, be prepared to pay out of pocket. Even though plastic surgery has several negative effects, some people may argue that it should not be controlled because it gives us the beautiful physical appearance. It may be true that plastic surgery gives people better look in the way they want to have it. Nevertheless, people should realize the fact that plastic surgery will not last forever because but when they gets a disease it would last forever. In the article “mail online,” by Natasha Evans (2009) says plastic surgery may work little bit, but it does not last forever in the normal way. However, in the past plastic surgeries were used to things like skin graft or people who suffered an accident to get back their

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