Stalker's Relationship With Serial Killers

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Even though it might seem different to include stalkers with serial killers, this does sometimes happen. A person might start off just stalking one person, they might then kill this person. This person might just find out that they liked doing the activities of stalking and killing, so they might do it again and again until they are caught. These stalkers might have a mental disorder where they believe that the person that they are stalking is in love with them, even though they are not. “Few studies have examined how people perceive stalkers. Stalkers are often portrayed in the media as psychopathic serial killers. However, given that stalkers most often emerge from existing relationships and are indeed most often prior lovers of the victim,…show more content…
If America had the same kind of amendment as Israel, then the prisons would not be as full and the serial killers with actual mental disorders would be able to get the help that they need. Though the American criminal justice system believes that everyone that commits a crime are the same and they will crack down on the harshest sentence that they can give out and make it a lot harder for anyone to figure out that the act they committed was actually…show more content…
If a person were to become diagnosed before they started to kill then they would be able to get the treatment that they need. If they were to become diagnosed after they had become caught from a string of killings then they would be put in jail with some or no thoughts of becoming helped with their disorder. Stalkers might have seemed like a weird topic to discuss, but they do go with serial killers. They both happen to follow their victims until they can finally strike. Serial killers and stalkers that have mental disorders might actually make it worse for their victim, as the victim might have a harder time trying to get their killer or stalker to not hurt them. Even though if the victim pleads for their life, they will still get hurt in the end. Sexual murderers was a topic that was discussed, because some serial killers that have a mental disorder will turn to paraphilia to deal with their disorder. They will turn towards paraphilia to show other people what their disorder is making them feel

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