The Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping

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Online Shopping, sometimes known as e-shopping, is a form of electronic commerce which allows the customers by using web browser to access the internet and buy goods or service. It is a modern way of buying products or services instead of going for bricks-and-mortar retailer or shopping mall. It includes not only a retailer sells products to customers, but also include whereby a business buy from another business, and it is known as business-to-business (B2C) online shopping. The largest online shopping site with the highest online sales is Inc . A consumer only requires a credit or debit card with a secure password and then access to the ideal website to shop. After choosing the goods that they wanted, they just enter their details of card and the secure password and the transaction is done . a) Online shopping is ideal, however, consumer do have concern regarding it. One of the main concern with online shopping is because of the credit card data thefts . Based on the survey done in Germany, an overwhelming majority of 70% don’t shop online or shop with concern is due to their data safety. Due to the continuing data breaches, security vulnerability, the consumer feel that online shopping is a platform where there is a lot of loophole.…show more content…
This act applies to any person that collects and process personal data in regards of commercial transaction . The 7 principles in the Act are general, notice and choice, disclosure, retention, security, access and data integrity principle. Personal data includes name, credit card number, identification card number, data of birth, mobile number, house address and etc. When the personal data is outsourced to third party known as data processor, it is the responsibility for the data user to provide sufficient guarantee to protect the

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