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Sodium bicarbonate without aluminium as a remedy for various ailments. Baking soda , also known as sodium bicarbonate or simply "bicarbonate" is one of the fastest antacids facts. It stops the itch in bites and insect bites. It helps to remove dental plaque and neutralize the acids that damage teeth. It relieves the symptoms of a bladder infection. Doctors use it even for reducing the level of acid in the blood during dialysis in kidney disease. Lemon juice helps to get rid of some gas that can build a soda when combined with the gastric acid. When you drink this sparkling cure, he will neutralize the hydrochloric acid by transforming it into harmless sodium chloride and carbon dioxide. This effect only lasts about 30 minutes, or performance…show more content…
This fungus lives in the mouth, throat and genitals of most people. The body in a healthy man keeps candida levels under control, but if you accidentally fall in immunity, the fungus can multiply and can cause serious health problems. In a fast time in which we live, there are many reasons for the occurrence of Candida such as stress, unhealthy nutrition, contraception, excessive use of antibiotics. Резултат слика за good and bad bacteria For the male part of the population of soda as a remedy for candida can be used as follows: In the 2 cups of yogurt make the two solutions, one that is water and the pharmaceutical soda, and in a second water and common salt. For the next 5 minutes put your genital into one, but after a few seconds into a second vessel and repeat the process a couple of times. For the female part of the population is recommended that the solution into the syringe barrels injected in genital organ 3 times a day and the results will very soon to show. Treating cancer with bicarbonate of soda The idea of mixing sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup, you might make some funny because cancer cells food with sugar. But in this case, sugar works the other way cancer cells fail to use sugar for its growth, maple syrup attract cancer cells and then medical bicarbonate destroy…show more content…
All this stir and drink it first thing tomorrow morning. Резултат слика за baking soda It has been shown that this simple recipe can reduce the duration of flu and colds, often eliminating the symptoms in just 36 hours. Add half a teaspoon of medical bicarbonate in a glass of water and gargle time every four hours to reduce the amount of acid that causes the pain. Rinse your mouth's solution will also alleviate the pain of unpleasant ulcers. For immunity every night before bedtime drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda without aluminum and put it in 500 mg of vitamin C you can get effervescent beverage that is low immunity right. Of course there are people who should not use baking soda without aluminum which are: -Children who are younger than 5 years, -People who are diagnosed with severe kidney disease, -Persons whose body is sensitive to sodium bicarbonate, -People who have heart disease, liver or have high blood pressure. -Pregnant women before consummation recommended to seek advice from a

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