Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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The usage of animals in medical research has been successful and helpful for researchers to explore many cures of dangerous diseases as a matter of the fact that some animals are tremendously identical to human DNA. In addition, Researchers have concluded that the use of animals in medical research have accomplished the discoveries of cures and treatments faster than ever by taking advantage of the shorter life span of animals. Medical research field uses animals to test chemical products and drugs to ensure the safety of humans. Medical research is a very important perspective to view the subject of animal experimentation as this field has the potential ability to improve the health and well-being for humans. Many diseases have been found cures and the right drugs for them due to the use of animals in experimentation which makes life for…show more content…
As many animals DNA are similar to human, the testing drugs on animals have been more practical and safe in spite of getting the result in short time rather than utilizing humans in experiment which is more likely to be more dangerous and longer period of time and waste of human lives if researchers resulted failure experiments. Animal experimentation could bring light to dark side of cancer that kills millions. “Anderson Cancer Center's animal research facility, states that "we wouldn't have a vaccine for hepatitis B without chimpanzees," and says that the use of chimps is "our best hope" for finding a vaccine for Hepatitis C, a disease that kills 15,000 people every year in the United States” [14]. Many researchers have assured that chimps have various functions that are similar to human DNA by 99%, so the only hope that researchers have in detecting a cure for this kind of cancer is by testing the drug, or the treatment in chimps. Therefore, this will determine whether the drug is

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