Argumentative Essay On Cell Phone Addiction

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Have you ever wondered how long on an average day that you look at your phone, does it range from over-just a few times, or over a thousand in just one day?Do you ever find it addicting so much so that you cant look away? Physiologists feel like teenagers these days are far too zoned into what is going on their phones which are inciting them to become oblivious. This is now becoming a more massive problem because it is instantly developing into an addiction. Most parents these days tell teenagers to stay away from drugs because they will get addicted, but not looking more into the other things in their kids lives to witness the biggest addiction of all, Cell-phones. Teenagers are now recklessly driving because of cell-phone usage in the car.Cell-phone usage can cause fluctuation in sleeping patterns and hinders the precise amount of sleep each teenager gets.Nonetheless,…show more content…
According to the Newport Academy website, “ 11 teens die every day because they were texting while driving.”(1).This citation is a supporting reason as to why cell-phone usage is an addiction seeing as they are inclined to jeopardize their existence to send a text or make a call when they can try to pull into a safer place but they are willing to risk losing their lives just for something that is stupid. This is important because some people don’t realize they are so addicted to their phones that their life could be in danger and they risk it all the time, it’s like they can’t function without their phone in their hands at all times.Along with cell-phone addiction causing reckless driving, it also can cause a hindrance in sleeping

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