Are Driverless Cars Worth-Making

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Angelica Lepe, 8C November 25, 2014 Are driverless cars worth making? Car companies are beginning to make driverless cars - or cars that drive themselves, but does society really need them? Driverless cars should not be made because they practically ruin humans normal way of living and jobs. Those reasons might seem slightly extreme or over-exaggerated reasons, but it is true. If you think about it, humans do rely on technology too much, and soon there will be no more jobs for people, other forms of transportation will not be used after time, and with all the money it is going to need, who will be able to actually afford them? The first reason is that technology has helped in so many different things, but now we as the human race use it…show more content…
Having a car that drives itself can benefit them, that the disabled might not be able to physically drive correctly, but Of course the cars can help those who are disabled, but “6% - Percentage of disabled workers 16 and older who use public transportation to commute to work. In addition, 70 percent of people with a disability drive alone, 13 percent carpool, 4 percent walk and 3 percent use a taxicab, motorcycle, bicycle or other means.”(Census Bureau, “Latest U.S Disability Statistics and Facts”). Most people with disabilities find a way. And, believe it or not, driverless cars can take…show more content…
“Railroad and short-haul airlines will suffer. If you can move from your home to your destination, door-to-door in the comfort of your car, who’s going to take the train or plane?”(Winton, “Cars that drive themselves will have some awesome consequences”). That means that people will most likely be transported by these futuristic cars. “Software for in-car applications to entertain drivers with new time on their hands will boom. Radio and recorded music businesses will lose a captive audience”(Winton, “Cars that drive themselves will have some awesome consequences”). Entertainment like music will not satisfy the passengers because their hands are not full, so music will soon be turned down for movies, books, games, or anything else. That means that people in that industry will lose their jobs as well as the drivers, possibly pilots, and other car companies. In conclusion, driverless cars don’t seem as important or necessary as they seem or are made out to be if it means that jobs will be put out or that maybe even you will not be able to afford one. Humans rely on technology too much, they are too expensive for just anyone, and jobs will be taken by ‘robots’, in a sort of speak. If you too think that driverless cars are a waste

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