Why Did Cromwell Become A Dictator

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There is debate that Cromwell became a Dictator after the civil war, even though one of his aims was to rid us of one dictator, Charles I. To elaborate, ‘Cromwell's next move was the dissolution of the Rump Parliament.’ Yet Cromwell takes it into his own hands and removes the rump parliament, ‘I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place.’ The Rump parliament was replaced by the Barebones parliament. To relate, this is an achieved aim of Cromwell as he overthrew the rump and replaced it with a parliament that suited him. Though Cromwell wanted more parliamentary control, ‘during his reign he ruled with a new constitution, this constitution gave him the title of Lord Protector.’ ‘Which gave him a lot of power and he could rule without the restrictions of parliament.’ One of Cromwell’s most memorable and unpopular aims was to enforce the puritan regime and create a godly society.…show more content…
‘Cromwell took away many English traditions like Easter and most notably Christmas feasting.’ Cromwell even put restrictions on social activates and events, Cromwell was becoming extremely unpopular. To develop Milton also writes about the popularity of Cromwell but believes that he was popular, ‘Worchester’s laureate wreath’ , this shows that people of the time did celebrate Cromwell’s achievements, as what Milton is saying is the Worchester use Cromwell as a decoration. Yet, Milton only see’s Worchester, Cromwell was becoming ever more unpopular as he was beginning to mess with traditions that formed English society of the time. Nevertheless, Cromwell regardless of his growing unpopularity still achieved his aim to create a godly society to an extent as he created laws, making the godly activities

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