Arctic Tundra Research Paper

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The tundra biome is the coldest biome in the entire world. It is famous for its cold climate, low variety of biological life forms, small and simple vegetation structure and short seasons of growth and reproduction. These cold biomes are found generally in the northern part of the world, close to the Arctic Circle. However, there are two types of tundra biomes: the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra. The arctic tundra is only located in the northern hemisphere, surrounding the North Pole. The arctic tundra biome is known for its freezing conditions. Because of its cold climates, the growing season only lasts around 50 to 60 days. The temperatures within this biome are extremely low as the average winter temperature is around -34 degrees Celsius.…show more content…
There are over 400 species of flowers and 48 types of animals. Plants within this biome are clustered up together to protect themselves from the severe weather. Animals in the tundra tend to have small ears and tails which helps the loss of heat in temperatures below freezing. Most animals also have big feet to help spread their weight across the snow, making them more mobile. There are still some Inuit people (Inuit people are Native Americans) in Alaska living in these biomes. The population of plants and animals in this biome fluctuate as some animals migrate to warmer biomes whereas others…show more content…
There are some species of animals that can only be found within the tundra biome. As a result, hunters and poachers are attracted to the tundra to hunt down these special species. By being constantly hunted, species like moose, wolves and arctic foxes are now endangered. What may be the biggest threat to the tundra biome is global warming. As the tundra biome is a fragile biome, it relies on the constant cold climates to keep itself in shape. Once the tundra biome starts to warm up, permafrost layers and land will have started to disappear. This change in the biome itself would have upset the balance in the tundra as most animals have taken millions of years to adapt to its low temperatures. If the tundra was to completely change again, the animals would take another million years to adapt and within that time period, several species of animals would have been wiped

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