Anorexia In Wintergirls

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In the novel Wintergirls by Lauri Halse Anderson, Lia is a senior in high school battling with long-term anorexia nervosa and the loss of her best friend Cassie. Cassie’s death sends Lia out of control, she begins to lose more weight, skip class, and begins to cut herself, and sees Cassie’s ghost. After a long battle, Lia attempts suicide and while bobbing in and out of conciousness she sees Cassie’s ghost with a piece of see-grass, an item believed to tell the future. When Lia is admitted to the hospital for her anorexia for the third time, she decides this time she will try to recover. Lia’s emotions spiral throughout the story, she beings weak then plummits into even worse darkens, but in the end, she finally heals. This pulls the readers

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