Antigone Metaphors

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Sophocles the author of the play “Antigone” makes it pretty clear, that he believes that divine law should come before man made laws. Sophocles makes it a point to use different metaphors to describe both Antigone and Keron. The reader can clearly see that while using these metaphors the author is also using imagery, to paint both of the characters personalities as well as their beliefs. If you focus on the imagery that Sophocles uses, you will see that he almost categorizes each character’s imagery. Due to the fact that Sophocles does this with each character, it is quite clear to the reader that he does this in order to show his point that divine law is above all other laws. It is obvious that the play “Antigone” was written to share…show more content…
The imagery used serves a purpose. Sophocles used the two types of imagery to reinforce his point that divine law is higher than any man made law. One of the reasons Sophocles may have decided to categorize Antigone’s character with imagery about nature and earth was because her character is demonstrating a holy duty that she wants to fulfill to her gods. The subject of earth and nature could easily be tied into religion based on beliefs. Another reason for this type of imagery could be because she is a woman. It is often said that it is natural for a woman to be compassionate and open to the earth. The imagery used for Keron is categorized as man made and has to do with civilization. One reason Sophocles decided to use this type of imagery could be, due to the fact that Keron is a king, he may symbolize how people in power may feel their laws are just as important as divine laws are. King Keron may also symbolize how stubborn humans are. For example when his son Haimon is expressing to him that he is wrong and says “make your sheet fast, never slacken- and over you go, head over heels, and under; and there’s your voyage,” Keron is steaming with rage and accuses his son of takeing a womans side over his father. Instead of listening to what is being said to him, Keron is too stubborn to see that he is wrong in this situation and should not have gone against the
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