Reflection On The Movie Waging A Living

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First, In the movie Waging a Living, Mary is having a bad time right now and She is getting a divorce. She is trying to go back to school to get some computer skills. She hardly gets paid money. Her friend helps her out with the divorce and Mary is having a good time hanging help from the food pantry and her friend to get her through this divorce. She finally got through the divorce and now she has to pay back the money. She used credit cards and now She has to pay back the people that sent her the credit cards. She owes the attorneys office a lot of money. Second, Is Jerry, He hasn’t seen his 2 kids in 2 years. He wants to go see them but He doesn’t know what to say to them or if He should hug them. He is a doorman/security guard and he only gets paid $10.50 an hour. He pays $5.30 for his rent. He wasn’t getting paid a lot but then He got a new job but it doesn’t pay as much as his other job did, but He likes his new job. Since he is part of and he only gets 25 cents a year but, it doesn’t phase him very much.…show more content…
She has been a CNA for 13 years. She is catholic and she gets $600.00 every 2 weeks. She is going to school to get an Associates Degree. She is getting evicted from her house and so She is going to go to Social Services and see what they can get her. She wants to get some more money so she can help her daughter that has Cancer and Hep C. She wants money for her daughter to get

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