Liesel Meminger: The Importance Of Literature

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Firestarter Without literature, there is nothing. There is just a big blank canvas and a world filled with people who blindly follow whatever they are told. Literature adds color, detail, and perception to that canvas and turns those mindless zombies into thinkers who can create their own opinions and morals. When a government restricts people from acquiring information or literature they can manipulate the way people think, by feeding them whatever they want. A few people will not always follow the crowd, they will go out on a limb and risk everything just to gain knowledge and formulate their own opinions on the real situation at hand. Every word in every book has a bigger and deeper meaning to it, people learn to manipulate these words…show more content…
The words and ideas expressed in literature allow people to formulate their own opinions and provides a way for people to rebel and overcome their oppressive government. Literature is the foundation of knowledge, which gives people the ability to think for themselves and learn the true importance of literature. As the crowd clears from the huge bonfire of books Liesel stay behind and waits to meet up with Papa when he finds her he know she has something on her mind. “ I hate the Fuhrer,” she said. “I hate them”...He clenched his eyes. Then open them. He slapped Liesel Meminger squarely in the face. “Don’t ever say that!” (Zusak 115-16) After beginning to learn to read Liesel starts putting the pieces together and she realizes that everything bad that has happened to her is their fault. Before Liesel could read she could not form her own ideas and she did not know how important literature is because it opened up her eyes to what really was going on. Everyone is brainwashed to think that the Fuhrer is good and powerful, that is why Papa hits Liesel because if you do not think like everyone else…show more content…
Liesel is sitting in Ilsa Hermann's library ripping up pages in a book because she is frustrated because of everything that is happening around her. “The words. Why did they have to exist? Without them there wouldn’t be any of this, without words the Fuhrer was nothing” (Zusak 521) Liesel is expressing her deeper understanding of literature to accuse the Fuhrer of being nothing without words. Without words, the Fuhrer would not be supported. They could not use words to manipulate people by feeding them false information and covering up what they are doing. After they buried her brother Liesel took the Gravedigger's Handbook that was left on the ground. ‘The book thief had struck for the first time-the beginning of an illustrious career’(Zusak 29). This is the moment when Liesel steals her first book, which is just the beginning of many to come. At first, she takes it to remember her brother, but as she starts to learn to read she uses the words and concepts to think for herself and she starts to steal to defy the Fuhrer. They want to burn the books to limit people's knowledge and understanding, so Liesel steals them and reads them to go against the Fuhrer. Words are dangerous they can be twisted and manipulated for good or for evil, but literature gives people the opportunity to express themselves and their different point of

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