Anthem By Ayn Rand: Literary Analysis

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Living a life where your entire life is planned out for you since birth is ludicrous. In the society Equality lives in, the babies are sent to the home of the infants right after they are born. From birth to the age of five they are nursed, then they are taken to the home of the students where they learn about how their society works. For ten years they learn about the rules and the educators and council watch each individual to put them in the correct life mandate. Equality, the protagonist in the novel, Anthem, written by Ayn Rand, showed curiosity in the knowledge of knowing why things worked instead of how they worked. He was scolded for being divergent; they classified him as evil. Equality is headstrong, hard working and he always strives for more, even though he does not understand what that “more” is. Wanting to be a scholar, Equality stood anxiously before the Council of Vocations to see what life mandate they would reward him. Equality looks up at the elder as he processed these words, “Street Sweeper” (Rand, 26).…show more content…
When Equality showed signs of originality, the Council knew they had to put a stop to it. The Home of The Street Sweepers was a life mandate the council had chosen because it was at the bottom of all life mandates. As a result, the Council expected Equality to forget about his onslaught in finding the science in things. They wanted him to stay on schedule, obeying the guidelines they have set. Little did they know, Equality breaks laws, commits crimes unimaginable to anyone in the history of the Great Rebirth. Being exiled as a Street Sweeper allowed Equality to sneak into the tunnel he found from the Unmentionable times because no one paid any attention to the Street Sweepers. He had unlimited access to do as he pleased, thought what he pleased, and not be afraid of ever being

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