Delacey Family In Frankenstein Research Paper

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When reflecting upon the simpler and better times in life, one would most likely refer back to the days of childhood. During early childhood throughout adolescence, many critical periods and benign memories are experienced alongside the presence of family. A strong support system can greatly influence which values and attitudes a child will adapt from their parents. As of today’s standards, the ideal definition of family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Parents are viewed as equals and distribute responsibilities, one of which would be raising the children. Obviously this ideal has not been a common ideal throughout history. Focusing specifically on the eighteenth century, family life was composed…show more content…
During the nineteenth century, orphanhood was on the rise which made for a common theme amongst novelists. The creature is defined as an orphan, a character out of place, forced to make his own home in the world, navigating through the trials of life. Upon his travels, the creature stumbles upon the DeLacey family. The DeLacey’s represent normality in comparison to the Frankenstein family. Through observations of the DeLacey’s, the creature reveals a more passionate and intimate persona. The creature expresses his, “love and reverence for my protectors” (Shelley 102), by collecting firewood and additional food to aid the DeLacey’s through the winter. In essence, the love he sees being displayed by the DeLacey family inspires him to be the best version of himself, which contributes to the idea of family being a strong basis of determining character. As a result of not having family support, the creature runs rampant throughout Switzerland causing havoc to seek revenge against Victor and his abandonment. If Victor is considered to be a father to the creature, then it is ironic that Victor received the perfect childhood, yet denies a childhood to the

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