Hero's Journey In Greek Mythology

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Hero with a thousand faces chapter ledger Prologue No matter what kind of myth we tell or hear they all follow a similar path of keeping the details similar but somehow changing the storyline all the more. Throughout our existence humans have always had myths that serve as part of our inspiration. Our symbols of these myths in mythology weren’t created by people brainstorming over coffee but as they happened in our world by accident. With our myths come our dreams perpetrated by our devious subconscious. While we sleep our subconscious sends our brain all kinds of messages, images, and deluding ideas that threaten our security if they come out to the world. In ancient times it was celebrated to be old but here in the United States the goal is to stay young and not grow up. Romance in the modern world is much like Greek tragedy, which celebrates dismemberment. When life ends with death, it is followed by disintegration, and of course dismemberment. Mythology reveals the dangers and techniques specific to that myth that leads the myth from a tragedy to a comedy. This in turn makes the incidents representative of feats that are psychological. Hero’s will usually follow a similar path in all of the myths consisting of separation- initiation- return. The World Navel is all over and holds all of the…show more content…
Call to adventure  Helper threshold of adventure tests helpers flight threshold of adventure elixir. Many myths follow this diagram exactly in order or some string several of these ideas into a myth. Stories or myths are often changed to fit into the culture and ideas of the region. The inevitable happens when numerous people start telling the story it will have no choice but to change when the people change it. Mythology makes it easy for science to prove that it is false. This causes civilization to lose their link and their monuments transform from places of worship to places of tourism and mythology

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