Analyzing Zakaria's Rise Of The Rest

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While Americans sit at home complaining about other countries catching up “they” are coming up with new ways to expand their newly thriving economies. People around the world used to see America as monumental and unrivaled. However, now they are becoming less captivated by us and more concerned with their own “emerging markets”, a term coined by Antoine van Agtmael. Although we live with constant fear of random attacks, economic downturns, and the fall of the United States, we are actually living “in the most peaceful time of our species existence.” (Zakaria, 2) In the “Rise of the Rest” Zakaria uses many different patterns in his writing to show that America is staying where we were while everyone else is moving forward at an exponential rate, trying to catch up to us. He doesn’t see this as an unpleasant thing, but instead he is arguing in favor of the “rise of the rest”. He does this by using polls, lists,…show more content…
He also shows that he is using a conversational tone by telling personal stories about his life. Zakaria states that “a few years ago when I was chatting with a young Chinese executive in an Internet café in Shanghai. He wore Western clothes, spoke fluent English, and was immersed in global pop culture.” The way he describes and tells this story helps you to picture the exact setting he was in and what the young Chinese executive he was communicating with looked like. By describing his interaction with the man in the way that he does it makes you feel a part of the conversation, giving you a better understanding of his own point of view. At the same time he is speaking to the older more literate, and educated population living in America. He shows this by using words like insurmountable, autocracies, and vanguard. Words that the average uneducated American would not know or use in their vocabulary on a day-to-day

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