Analyzing Larry Charles 'Ignominy'

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Ali Al Mosawi Prof. Gateward CTVA 319 Semiotic Analysis Ignominy Borat, a film directed by Larry Charles, is a comedy flick that is highly argued as one of the funniest movies ever made. It is shot like a documentary and it demonstrates when an uneducated person travels to a contemporary society. The film is starring Sascha Boran Cohen who plays Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh television personality that gets to make a documentary in the United States of America, which he calls the “greatest country in the world.” Borat gets to travel with his producer, Azamat, who is hard-hitting and demanding. The motion picture is unique that categorizes the Kazakh’s culture with the Americans’. In other words, it explicates what transpires when a second world country individual gets to travel to a first world country. Although none of the…show more content…
Borat wears a grey suit with a grey shirt and a somewhat yellowish tie throughout the whole film. His hobbies consist of playing Ping-Pong, disco dancing, and taking photographs of women in the bathroom. He is uneducated and cannot segregate what he can say to the public, which almost all find offensive. The movie is shot in a high key lighting to exhibit to the audience that all is flat. Meaning, that every detail should be seen and not a lot of contrast is given. In addition, the attires are the same with Borat with his grey suit, but when it comes to representing the United States, there are 21st century cloths like: T-shirts, jean shorts, skinny leggings, etc. Borat gets to interview people in the United States and in one of his meetings, he gets the chance to interview women about feminism. He states that the doctors in Kazakhstan occurred with a scientific method that the brain of a woman is the size of the squirrel’s brain. Therefore, the scene represents discrimination between male and female dominance as it was cut short and no attention was

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