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The standard I chose is “The Way You Look Tonight.” Jerome Kern composed this song originally, but Dorothy Fields wrote the lyrics. He was born in New York City and attended public school, then went on to the New York College of Music, then went on to Germany to study music some more. When he returned to New York City, Jerome Kern, in 1927, joined forces with Oscar Hammerstein II to change a novel into the musical “Show Boat.” After writing songs for this musical, he continued to write music for Broadway shows. Jerome Kern went to Hollywood in 1935 and wrote most of his very best music. One of these songs was for “Swing Time” and it was “The Way You Look Tonight.” Jerome Kern, over the course of his career, made his music sound more American.…show more content…
He sings the song to Ginger Rogers. When he is singing this song to her, she is not looking her best. At least what Hollywood would consider not her best. In the movie this song is considered to be ironic. Since its release there have been many covers of the songs, some of them even considerably recent. The first cover of this song I found is by Adam Levine. He is the lead singer of the band Maroon Five. Adam Levine is a singer and a songwriter. This band puts out new music basically every year. They have new songs out this year. This cover was released on iTunes on July 7th, 2009. In this cover you can definitely hear the trombone, some type of saxophone, trumpet, and percussion. There might be some bass in there, but you really have to listen for it. Adam Levine has a very smooth timbre to his voice in this song. His voice is also very clear. The second cover of this song I found is by Tony Bennett. He did not have an easy career at all. He wanted to try new music styles and keep expanding his interests, but his record company wanted him to stay doing his original music style. He ended up leaving his company for this reason. This cover is done with him singing and a piano playing the music. The timbre of his voice has some raspy tones. It is almost like he is talking through the song. His voice is very heavy and slower than some other covers I

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