Analysis: The Lady Of Shalott

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Intro: Back in the great days of Camelot lived a great Magic Weaver, The Lady of Shalott. She spent years in her tower away from the world, wanting to leave, but never taking the chance. When she finally did decide to leave she met with an unkind fate. Now her Ghost tells her story. High in my tower, I would hide, far away from the foreign world. No one knew I was there. The only part of the outside world I knew was through my mirror. This world is not a place for me. If they knew what I am, I would surely die. Yet, if I stay I might perish anyway. I learned of a curse that was placed on my tower, although I knew not what it may be. Only knew if I stay, it must surely come to be. But since I knew the outside world was not for me, I stayed happily or…show more content…
Then I fled from my tower out into the world, fearing I had left too late. Winding through the stormy east-wind, through yellow woods I came upon the river that so long I watched from my tower. The place that was once my: home, safe haven, prison and torcher chamber, all at once and now was no more. I went down and beneath a great willow found a boat that had been left afloat. On its round prow, I wrote “The Lady Of Shalott”, so that any who may pass me would know to whom they saw. At dusk I loosed the chain, singing my song with its lonely note, leaving all I knew, all that was safe behind me and heading for that which was unknown, deadly and unsure, hoping that fate would have a kind hand for a lost soul as mine. All that night I spent afloat going down the river’s dim expanse. On the morrow, as the golden sun arose I know not where I was, only knowing I was going to Camelot. All that day and into the night I floated towards that great place. On this cold night, I laid myself down to sleep, believing that the morning would bring to my eyes the place I longed to be. But now I know I would never see. For in that night, so cold and deep I did not wake from that dreadful

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