Bull, Bears, And Golden Calves Summary

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In the book Bull, Bears, and Golden Calves, John E. Stapleford shows how Christianity can inspire decisions throughout the economy. He evaluates the ethical challenges of micro, macro, and other economic issues. Stapleford goes over a variety of public policy problems such as economic efficiency, self-interest, and private property rights. He starts the book by creating a base of moral thought and an analytical structure. Stapleford supplies a Biblical outlook on the many issues that our society currently faces. I believe that God’s sovereignty involves the ownership of every one of His creations. Due to God being completely sovereign, this means that no establishment can declare independent and have complete ownership of a property. God is the only one who can declare such a right. For many people, it is challenging to realize the importance of having the right to own property. It is a prime factor that separates us from socialists and communists and is an important concept which drives economic growth. A good example of this is the Berlin Wall, “A city was partitioned and half of it was ruled by communism, depriving people of private property rights. The other half continued to allow private property” (Stapleford 68). This wall caused economic development to stop due to the lack of private property.…show more content…
I do agree with the fact that everything in the world, human and non-human, was made by and belongs to God (Stapleford 75). However, I also believe that private property should not be as big of a deal because we are to rely on God and not possessions. Just because God also creates possessions, does not mean that we should let them distract us from the big picture. This is very important to understand because many times, people get distracted with their possessions and it tends to interfere with their relationship with God. Proverbs 22:2

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