Analysis Of The Mask And Liar Liars

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In today’s film industry, receiving an Oscar is deemed to be a symbol of appreciation for all the actors with remarkable performances considering them to be the greatest in history. Yet, we tend to see phenomenal actors who have not received their share of Oscar wins. While some of these have not been nominated at all, others have been nominated and missed it by a whisker. Nonetheless, all of these deserving actors are yet to take home their very own Oscar statuettes. Here is a list of actors with limitless ability and no Oscar, just yet: Jim Carrey Most popularly known for his comedic role in the Ace Ventura series, The Mask and Liar Liar, this two-time Golden Globe winner has not seen an Oscar nomination yet. Carrey rose to fame in 1994…show more content…
She started out as a dancer in theatrical productions like ‘Brigadoon” and “A Chorus Line”. Her first major appearance was in Catch Me If You Can alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, another actor who is yet to see his Oscar. However, she only received appraisal in 2005, after the release of her independent film, Junebug. She is known to play expectant and trusting supporting characters. She has a shocking 111 nominations, including 5 Oscar nominations. This two-time Golden Globe award winner is popularly known for her role in American Hustle, Man of Steel, Julie&Julia and…show more content…
Although ha has appeared in quite a few hit films, McKellen was more inclined towards theatre. His work in theatre was so exceptional that Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for it. He was nominated for 2 Oscars for “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” and “Gods and Monsters”. He won a Golden Globe Award for his role in Rasputin in 1997. Leonardo DiCaprio A Phenonmenal actor who, for quite some time now, is known to have NOT won an aOscar. From minor sitcoms and television series to blockbusters like Wolf of Wall Street Leo has spanned a variety of genres. From horror films, to romantic to mystery thrillers like Inception, he has given the film industry some of the most interesting characters and even better imporvisations. He is so committed to his scene and his character that during a scene in Django Unchained Leo’s hand is slammed into glass, which started to bleed, but he continued through the scene, remaining in character. His improvisation was so flawless that it was taken for the film. He has won 2 Golden Globe Awards and received 5 Oscar nominations. He is one of the very few actors who are truly committed to performing and who can make us feel something deep down, and for that, he deserves his own Oscar

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