Unit 3 P6 Business

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P1 Under this task I will have to present my initial business ideas using relevant criteria. My initial idea of a business is to open a bakery shop called CakeHouse which I will be considering much on baking different types of cakes together with hot drinks and cold drinks and I will open my business in Muscat, Oman at Adheiba. The type of business that I will be operating is sole proprietorship and later on when my bakery turns out successfully and bigger I might consider of changing to partnership because I will need a big capital to go on with my business plan The aim of my business is to get profit at least around 1000 OMR per every year and also customer satisfaction which is a very important objective in opening a business where I will be more focusing on beautiful designed icing cakes for any special event such as wedding, birthdays and any other events and I shall also consider other normal cakes for orders I will have my own delivery vehicle which will deliver the ordered cakes of my customers to their doors and I’m going to make tables inside so people can come have desserts with coffee or shakes and chat to each other. I shall also out free Wi-Fi inside in order for people to feel more comfortable…show more content…
My bakery will be open at any time on all days except on Fridays which will be closed at 11.00 PM and their will be free coffee starting from 7.00 PM - 11.00 PM Before opening this bakery I shall consider the external factors to my business such as competition, government policy and the demand of my

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