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Friendships bakerys’ is a bakery located at Gong Badak, Terengganu. We can loosely be described as a modern classic bakerys’ where customers can sit around a bar and watch their desserts, cakes, pastries and beverages being made. Yet, with all the expertise that we have we specialize more in baking cakes. Friendships bakerys’ will hold true to its vision of being a new concept with the classic looks implemented in the bakerys’ in order to become a favourite spot for the people nearby. As reported in the news, business like cafes and bakery are among the national leader in money spending, Gong Badak as one of the developing district in Terengganu is an optimal location for launching a new restaurant concept. Friendships bakerys’ also hopes to become a destination for the thousands of tourists, internally local and foreigners to visit it.…show more content…
Both tax incentives and high traffic due to the main road was just placed upfront of our bakery will give us an edge as a new business. As this district itself will be fills up with new businesses over the next few years. Friendships bakerys’ will receive an added boost of increased traffic. Therefore, we are aggressively planned for a 10% increase in sales the second year of business. By creating a new niche in the industry, Friendships bakerys’ will increase sales by more than $2,520,000 over five years while maintaining a gross margin of 80%. Through a philosophy of "nothing but the best" regarding both product and service, Friendships bakerys’ will establish itself as a desirable place to walk in Terengganu. We also will gain a competitive advantage in the industry of cakes and pastries.This plan outlines our company concept and forecasted

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