American Sign Language In Deaf Education

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Imagine going out to the movies with all your friends you’re about to the see the movie you’ve been waiting for week to see. The lights go dim every one look straight ahead. BOOM an explosion you feel the sound though the vibrations of the seat but something is wrong. you felt the low sound vibrate the chair but you hear nothing. you look around but no one says anything. they seemed unbothered by the noiseless movie. You want to say something but you fear of how they may respond. When someone mention the word deaf we normally associate this with people who have no sense of hearing, but the deaf is actually anyone who “lacks or is deprived of some degree of hearing”. This means that people who are hard of hearing also fall in this category. Amazingly 90% of deaf people are born to hearing parents. Parents who have a deaf child at birth find it difficult to cope because the resources they have learned are different from the resources that the child needs. Parents find them, self in a position of critical decision making. First the choice of which communication method to use there are two that are taught. ASL (American Sign Language) is a form of communication that uses visual gestures. ASL also…show more content…
The type of education option chosen by the parents can teach the DHH skill that are important in everyday situations. The two most common options are Deaf school or a mainstream school. A Deaf school can be classified in two categories a day and residential school. A day school is one that use regular school hours. A residential school is one that has regular school hours but after school activities are over student go to dorms. Mainstream schools are schools that are attended by people who can hear. Interpreters are mostly used by student that learn ASL. The Education for DHH can vary according to the decision of the parent. People who are DHH can attend a deaf school or a hard of hearing

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