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The American Mafia, one of the most notorious organized crime groups in the United States, migrated to America, and expanded throughout the larger cities of the states. The Mafia, otherwise known as the mob or la cosa nostra, Spanish for “our thing”, originates from Sicily and is all about loyalty, money, power, and fear. They are successful both within and outside the organization by terrorizing any opposition to their intentions using methods of brutality, thuggery, fear, intimidation, and murder . There is a demand for what they are providing which keeps them in business. The American Mafia originated in Sicily, Italy in the nineteenth century. Sicily was a prime place because of it’s geographic location, perfect and easy for trade being…show more content…
The person joining had to be a close, Sicilian, blood relative who could be trusted. This person had to go through full background checks and could have absolutely no relation in any way, shape, or form, to the police. As the years went on and the branches widened, the criteria lessened. The recruits no longer had to be a related Sicilian, and money became a key factor in order to assume a position in the Mafia. The background checks became less thorough, creating risk of potential spies and other dangers. After the recruit passes inspection and is put through an initiation process or a series of tests, his name is brought before the crime commission, the Mafia’s ruling council. In America, the commission is held in New York and consists of the top five bosses of the most powerful Mafia families in the United States, Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese. If the name is denied, the recruit cannot have anything to do with the Mafia. If the name is accepted, the recruit must go through a symbolic ceremony to be inducted, or as they call it, made. Michael Francis, son of Italian immigrants who were involved with the mob went through this initiation and shares his experience in a documentary displayed by the Discovery Channel. Francis makes it through He proceeds to

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