Sagebrush Lizard Research Paper

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The food web is a tightly interconnected system. Every species has a direct and indirect relationship with others in the web. It is a complicated system that requires balance to remain functional and every species plays a role in it, and the missing of any species will destroy the ecological balance. The Sagebrush and Sagebrush Lizard in Arroyo Seco adapted to the environment and interact with each other and species linked with them. They could be competing, mutualizing or neutral to each other, no matter what relationship they have, their change in population will reflect on species connected with them, and eventually affect the whole web. Sagebrush is a common name applied generally to several woody and herbaceous species of plants in the genus Artemisia. Usually the plant grows to about 4 to 10…show more content…
People usually find them below 6,000 feet elevation, but sometimes they can live up to 8,000 elevation. The diet of sagebrush lizards mostly consists of the beetles, grasshoppers, flies, ants and spiders that are abundant in these areas. Sagebrush lizards are active during warmer months and hibernate during the winter. According to my research, I found that it is not easy to find them, even though they are diurnal animals, and their activity is mostly from mid-morning through early afternoon. Sagebrush is like their escort, it covers them and provides protection from their natural predators, particularly birds. Moreover, sagebrush is not the only “home” for sagebrush lizards. People have found them in juniper-pine woodlands with brushy understory before. Greasewood and other desert shrubs can provide them aegis. In our field trip, we found one sagebrush lizard on a rock, a place they are known to lay and warm in the sunlight. It ran very fast when it saw us. We needed to keep quiet and got close to it gently. That shows the strong vigilance of

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