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On the 1st of September 1485 a contract was drawn up between Giovanni Tornabuoni and artist Ghirlandaio. Tornabuoni commissioned Ghirlandaio to paint to the main chapel of Santa Maria Novella. The reading provided an insight to what the contract entitled. The contract begins with a descriptive introduction of the two parties involved. Stating who his father is and his current residence, clearly identifies Tornabuoni. Ghirlandaio is identifies by his father too, but also by the person whom he was recommended to Tornabuoni. In a time without Passports or social security numbers, providing information such as their father’s names was probably common practice to identify each person years down the road in the event of any conflicts or disputes. After the two main parties are clearly established, the contract gets very detailed oriented on exactly what and where Tornabuoni want’s certain things painted. On each wall in the front chapel Tornabuoni wants Ghirlandaio paint the stories of important events and people within the religion. In the chapel the very top ceiling, is divided into four quardents. Tornabuoni instructs for it to be painted blue and in each quadrant display portraits of the four Evangelists (Mark, Matthew,…show more content…
Once the drawings received approval from Tornabuoni, Ghirlandaio could actually start work on the chapel itself. Having Ghirlandaio go about the project in this somewhat tedious matter is beneficial to both the commissioner and the contractor. For Tornabuoni it gives him an easy feeling that the work is being completed just as he has imagined it would be for years. For Ghirlandaio, knowing his drawing have been given approval may allow him to work under less pressure. It ultimately allows him to go about his work without the fear of Tornabuoni disapproving the finished

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