American Airlines Stock Analysis

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Eranda Sulaj Prof. Bookbinder Economics 101 April 21, 2015 American Airlines Stock Stocks are shares of ownership in a company. Buying stocks is very risky. People try to invest a lot of money so one day they will have more, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Some people lose their money. Some suggestions before people buy stocks are: to decide to buy the stocks to a brokerage firm or maybe a face-to-face broker. After figuring out a stock, decide about the prices to purchase and the last step is to buy the stocks from a company to save the broker fees. There are many advantages and disadvantages of issuing stock. Some advantages are: as owners of the business, stockholders never have to be repaid their investment.…show more content…
The volume that day was 19,810,700. The last day in April it opened 48.00 the highest was 48.72 the lowest was 47.67 and it closed 47.75. The volume that day was 9,839,500. It…show more content…
American Airlines and Delta Airlines are the most powerful airlines. Delta is international and AAL is not. I compared two airlines stock together American Airlines (AAL) and Delta Airlines (DAL). It looks like in February 27, 2015 Delta Airlines opened 49.29, the highest of the day was 49.90, the lowest of the day was 48.91, and closed 49.18. The volume that day was 9,786,600. In April 15, 2015 Delta opened 44.48, the highest of the day was 45.34, the lowest of the day was 43.80 and it closed 44.20. The highest closing rate was 50.21 in January 29,2015. The volume that day was 22,807,500. According to a website the research has shown that Delta is better than American Airlines not only in a stock market point of view but as service too. For example, Delta has the fewest canceled flights with a 0.11%; in the other hand AAL has 1.76% cancelled flights. Delta has a better on time arrivals with a percentage of 84.41 and American Airlines has 79.10%. Just at looking at this data, other companies or people would not want to buy this stock. American Airlines was doing so good in 2002 but in 2009 Delta boomed. Another comparison between

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