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Was Delphine LaLaurie the devil in the form of a female, or was she just a woman who received bad press attention? It is questions like these that surrounds the name LaLaurie, along with different myths and rumors. I chose to research Madame LaLaurie due to curiosity; is there any truth to the controversy surrounding her life. Delphine LaLaurie was born in 1775 in New Orleans as Marie Delphine MaCarty, and died on December 7th, 1849 in Paris, France (Long, pg. 208). She was married three times, a widow for her first two husbands, and she married her last husband Dr. LaLaurie on June 12th, 1825 (pg. 209). Together with him and her children from previous marriages, the family moved to 1140 Royal Street in New Orleans. The myths surrounding the name Delphine LaLaurie is…show more content…
She is later discovered to be a serial killer who murdered and tortured her black slaves. The madame’s love to be the center of attention within the ranks of high class society is only complemented by the sensation she receives from torturing her black slaves. In the show her fate is displayed as one worse than death; the voodoo queen Marie Laveau has given her a potion that grants immortality. She will have to watch all her loved ones die and then Laveau buried her alive in the front yard of the LaLaurie mansion. Delphine LaLaurie believes that the blood of slaves will help maintain her youth, she is obsessed with looks due to her insecurities caused by her husband’s indiscretions with younger women. She was fascinated with human anatomy along the tolerance of pain withstood by her slaves. She considered torture her hobby, and the blood she used for her face mask was fresh from the pancreas of her slaves. The voodoo queen had a vendetta against LaLaurie because of the pain the madame inflicted on her mate, and in the end they both

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