Amenemone Research Paper

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Amenemone was a scribe of the Sacred Offerings of temple of Amun, Mut, and the temple of Ramesses II "Beloved like Amun". According to Dieter, Amenemone was the architect from the nineteenth dynasty, who could have been responsible for building the Ramesseum, the funerary temple of Ramesses II. Another official named Amenemone was discussed by Okinga, concerning an inscription from his tomb specified his titles as “overseer of craftsmen and chief of Goldsmith, Amenemone”. According to Okinga, the tomb was excavated by Victor Lorets in 1897-99. There was a misperception in the origin, Egyptologists as Bissing, first identified him as a Memphite, however after a second study, Bissing identified him as a Theban who came to Memphis with Hormheb

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