Corrections Officer Selection

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Detention Officer Selection Corrections officer selection test consists of an interview and a pre-employment test. The pre-employment test has a 100 questions testing on general knowledge and divided into five sections: Reading Comprehension/Deductive Reasoning, Arithmetic, Verbal Reasoning, Memory and Observation, and Situational Reasoning. The correctional officer, with experience in security operations/corrections, oversees and monitors activities of detainees and inmates in recreation activities areas, visitation areas, living areas and dining areas. The officer monitors and coordinates movement of detainees and inmates. Further, the detention office may be allocated to particular posts which may include; special housing, work details,…show more content…
He or she must be having a high tolerance for mental stress and be committed to the philosophical objectives of the detention facility. Pre-service training The correctional officer is required to be certified before becoming a correctional officer. For example, he or she is supposed to be a certified corrections officer that is recognized by the state before being allowed to serve as a corrections officer. Becoming a certified correctional officer requires a state administered training as opposed to getting a certification in corrections in a college or university. Correctional officers in the county jail must have a high school diploma, or its equivalent. The officers receive on-the-job training under experienced officer supervision. The detention facility uses the American Correctional Association (ACA) guidelines to given entry-level correctional training to correctional officers. The corrections officers receive pre-service training similar to the police academy training. The training entails a combination of hands-on instruction and classroom lectures on weapons use, rules of evidence, self-defense techniques, law and inmate rights, safety and security procedures, and prison

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