Social Class In The Film The Breakfast Club

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No matter what race, religion, ethnicity, age, or gender groups all of society creates levels of social class. In general the classes rank from best being the one with the meeting the most amount of social requirements to worst meeting the least. The movie the Breakfast club accurately creates the classes of high school society. I myself am a high school so I know kids from each class and understand that the level are deeper than just what the breakfast club gets at. At the bottom of the food chain we have the misfits. These are the kids that seem to meet none of society's requirements. The only thing they are good at according to society is being wrong. Commonly they are shy, quiet, passive, all qualities that make them easy to pick on. In the movie The Breakfast Club this social class is displayed through Allison. Sitting in the back of the room quietly only to speak when she wanted to say strange things. I compared Jared Blum to Allison while watching the movie. Granted, Jared is a popular and athletic ladies man, in our friend group his personality traits do fit those of Allison. Jared can sit and not say a word for an hour but the minute he says anything it is the strangest thing.…show more content…
In the past nerds were most commonly thought of for being “smart”, now I personally think of nerds as the normal yet somewhat socially awkward kids. These are the kids that are quirky and just a little different. Brian is the character the plays the nerd in The Breakfast Club. Brian is the one that always gets the rough end of the deal somehow. He is constantly saying things to be funny or smart that don't quite fit. Buck was who I chose to compare to Brian. Buck is quirky and gets the bad end of the deal a lot. The part that made me chose buck the most though was when Bender described Brian's parents, bucks mom does everything for

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