Underground Railroad Research Paper

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One of the most shameful periods in history was the establishment of slavery during the nineteenth century. Slavery was very bad during the pre civil war era or also known as the nineteenth century due to the fact that it was one of the biggest and major issues during that era. Most slaves brought to America were poor and of low class who could do no good. Unfortunately slavery was a dark time in the past. Not only did slavery separate millions of families but also destroyed most of white people's reputation and respect to Africans. Although some slave owners treated their slaves well, many other slave owners did not. Some slave owners forced their slaves to live in awful and shameful conditions. Lack of food and overworking often led…show more content…
Sources say the Underground Railroad was approximately established in the 1780's . Don't be misled by the name given, "The underground Railroad". It is not actually underground nor a railroad. It was given the name in order to use it as a disguise or secret to make others or often enemies think that it was indeed an underground railroad. This Underground Railroad is actually a network of people who helped free slaves to either the North or to Canada. It can also be described as a secret system developed to help slaves on their escape to freedom. Being involved in this Underground Railroad was dangerous and illegal.So in order to prevent getting in trouble with the law secret codes were made for this system. "Underground Railroad" was one of hose secret codes which referred to the many escape routes used to help slaves on their escape to freedom. The Underground Railroad had its early begginings with runaway slaves fleeing from the Southern United States into Canada. The Underground Railroad played a very significant and definite role in the destruction of slavery. The Underground Railroad was a term used to describe a network of people who helped escaped slaves on their way to
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