How Does Odysseus Change In Telemachus Speech

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The incident of this passage takes place in Odysseu’s palace and comes right after the assembly in which, as we have seen earlier, Telemachus clashed with the suitors. It is the first time the two sides meet again and describes the scene right after Antinoös, reportedly the “head” of the suitors, has invited Telemachus to dine with them. The passage itself is a mixture of speech and description. There are two sides that they “speak”, one is Telemachus and the other is suitors as a total. Telemachus’ words indicate high emotional tension as the young man expresses his denial to dine with the suitors and his intention to destroy them at any means. On the other hand the suitors, realize the danger they face but still underestimate the importance of it.…show more content…
His words are very emotional and this gives a dramatic tone to his speech. Telemachus, expresses his anger and is being drawn, through his speech, as a young man who is willing to undertake hard and dangerous mission in aim to act as a proper man and clean his name and home from suitor’s offence. Keeping in mind what makes a man “agatho” (good) in Homeric society, for example bravery and mastery in killing, the young prince is stepping forward to be a worthy heir of Odysseu’s house. This legitimizes the title “thoughtful” than Homer gives him at the beginning of the

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