Alice's Adventures In Carland Analysis

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The intriguing poems and novels of Lewis Carroll creates a daydream like and fantasy mood, which allows the readers to keep an open mind and have a free interpretation of his stories. The Victorian Era, ideology, and politics greatly influences his work of literature, helping him develop content that amuses children, while adults are mesmerized by the clever lines that contain symbolic social commentary. He is known as a nonsensical writer, who breaks away from their traditions and becomes embedded deeply in modern culture, which helps him produce moralistic children’s books that have a didactic tale regarding the rights and wrongs of life. Carroll supports that concept of children’s literature being imaginative rather than comprehensive,…show more content…
He is most well-known for his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which consisted a several poems with a unique writing style that gives off an incredible amount of energy and creativity. He employs an odd usage of parenthesis and capital letter, uses italics for emphasising the story, and writes in a nonsensical style. During the time he wrote Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, Carroll was under a high dosage of suppressants and antidepressants, causing him to create a preposterous plot and story with unusual characters, ideas, and situations. This era had the use of opium and other mind altering experiences, which explains the random and nonsense writing he has compared to other writers, who lived in the same time as he…show more content…
The carpenter is an image encouraged by politicians that were trying to convince the oysters that they were trying to improve their society, but what they wanted to do was to eat them. This shows how Carroll is trying to share a message about the politicians during the era he was living in. Throughout the novel, the main character encounters strange events and faces dangers such as the giant mushrooms, shrinking rooms, and the environment itself. He interprets the books are a fantasy dreamland where anything can happen. At the end of the book, he reveals that Alice’s journey was merely but a dream, showing the audience that the girl is like everyone else. He sends a message to the audience that everyone has imagination and can some up with ideas so far out of range than others usually tend to think

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