The Mother's Day Short Story

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-The Mother's day book - Finally, the time has come. Just one more night to pass, and then, tomorrow morning he is going to be an eighteen. I’ve waited too long for this day, and I'm sure, he’s been waiting too. This time, I am going to gift him the Porsche everyone’s talking about. A special car, for a special boy. Something he had always yearned for, although he never made any demands – the deferential boy he is. After all he is going to be an adult, and that’s not something that comes every day. I know, it’s not that he’ll grow up just in a day or anything. Just that, I’ve waited so long for him to truly be my son and have no second thoughts about it. Ever since he was a little boy, he has always been a very understanding and obedient child.…show more content…
He wishes… Of course, Kunal will pick me. -The Father's day book- The day I was in wait of has finally arrived. Kunal, the one beautiful thing that always eluded me, is turning eighteen tomorrow. I’m overjoyed for reasons I cannot fathom. Twitching my fingers in anticipation of this moment for ever and a day; meeting him on the weekends and on off-days never having the joy of sharing with him a father talk when he so wanted on. I’ve been unhappily robbed of my being a father. Chaperoned visits, a stranger no less – Oh the words I wish to throw at that horrid, horrid woman. Just some more time with my son, is it too much to ask? Never was I once satiated by the feeling of being there for my son when he needed me. Never. I just want to have a father-son relationship. I am convinced that he too, yearns for the same. I know he couldn't bear to live with that selfish woman any longer. He just needs to break the monotony of living in that huge bungalow with nothing save the blatantly empty walls staring at him all day, making him feel more miserable than his mother ever could. There's no doubt he would rather stay with me. He is going to be given a window sized portrait this time, for his birthday. He loves my

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