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The Birds was by far one of the most successful suspense films of its time and possibly of all time. It is directed by one of the great founding father for horror, Alfred Hitchcock. It is an extraordinary, exceptional film because a suspenseful movie should have an intense excitement, anticipation, tension and much more. Hitchcock’s film, The Birds uses specials effects to keep his audience on the edge of their seats. The use of lighting, color and camera techniques create a surprising element. The special effects contribute to the overall purpose of the film. The lighting plays a great role in the film because of the tension it built in various scenes. Throughout the movie, Hitchcock was very impressive in his dramatic techniques as it built the surprise element as the film went on. Hitchcock had fooled the viewers into thinking the film was a comedy, because of the use of bright lights. The audience tend to think that the bright light are not put to use in horror films because it associate with happy, good, and comedy and so on. The film had a modern touch for its era, as the result of the use of Technicolor as it added to the genre of horror. For example, in the scene where Melanie and Mitch were in the bird shop, the lighting has brightened up to reflect…show more content…
Hitchcock uses different kind of angles in the film, such as giving a low angle shot, medium long shot, and extreme close-ups. In the film, where Melanie Daniels is in the phone booth scene, the cameras switches back and forth from the bird’ point of views to Melanie’s point of view. As you see as Melanie gets more unsafe, low angle shots are put to use to show how defenseless she is. When Melanie enters the telephone booth, the medium long shots are put to use to show how she is trying to save herself from the birds. The camera angles were quickly changed into the extreme close-ups to show the audience her feelings are

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