How Does Hitchcock Create Tension In Psycho

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Due to this scene containing several shots within such a short time frame, it is not only viewed as one of Hitchcock’s most dramatic scenes, but it was also said to have caused a priceless reaction from the audience because of its intense graphics. Although nudity and sex-inspired scenes were “unusual” to shoot during the 1960’s, Psycho became the exception after much negotiation between Hitchcock and those in charge of censorship. Once being allowed to go through with it, he filmed scenes of Marion in her underwear without censors as well as medium shots of Marion naked in the shower scene. In addition, flushing of the toilet and the sound of the water in the shower was considered vulgar since it had never been seen in such an influential…show more content…
Though it is one of the shortest scenes in the film Psycho, the work used with the camera movements and transitions contribute to the rise of tension that gradually builds, thus giving an exhilarating trill for the audience. This not only grasps the viewer into feeling the tension that is given from the scene, but it also relays the emotion from the character that is being seen as well. The scene begins with a close-up shot of the toilet as ripped pieces of paper fall into it. Marion flushes the toilet where there is a rapid cut-shot to the side profile of her face showing no remorse of what she has flushed down the toilet. This raises the question as to why she took the incentive to get rid of whatever she wrote in the sheet of paper and flush it down the toilet rather than throw it out in a trash bin. This action implements a sense of mystery to the storyline as well as discomfort. In the next frame, the camera cuts into a low-angle shot as Marion removes her robe and places it on the toilet seat. Again, the toilet brings another sense of concealment as Marion covers it with her robe. Another cut shot is made of Marion however the view is now from behind the character; this angle portrays a sense of sexual imagery as Marion is naked before entering the bath

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