Alcohol Advert Analysis

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Life Orientation – Alcohol Assignment Done by Jordan Ross, Grade 11M Task 1: Advert: 1. In both adverts, alcohol is portrayed as extremely dangerous. The adverts show how alcohol alters the way in which you will act while intoxicated and how you would not do the same thing while sober. In the Binge Drinking Girl, it shows how alcohol causes girls to become promiscuous. She is also shown vomiting which shows the excessive manner in which girls usually drink. In the Binge Drinking Boy, it shows how the consumption of alcohol can cause teenage boys to become exceedingly violent and unpredictable. 2. I think that these adverts could make viewers (especially teenage viewers) realise the true dangers of alcohol. Viewers will see how the way that one would act…show more content…
Yes. I believe that the adverts are effective because they show the true reality unlike other alcohol adverts. Other alcohol adverts try to enhance the glamorous lifestyle that alcohol supposedly brings but these adverts show the stark contrast and reality of what really happens when you drink alcohol. 4. There is a difference in the way boys and girls approach alcohol, thus the adverts portray boys and girls in different ways. Girls would binge drinking to the verge of getting alcohol poisoning and boys would drink to try look cooler. Girls and boys also react differently after drinking alcohol. Girls would become more sexually available due to their loosened inhibitions while boys would usually become more aggressive and rash. 5. I think these adverts are relevant to all teenagers. I have been to parties where there has been excessive consumption of alcohol and while I have never gotten drunk (I swear I’m not lying), I have seen others in a paralytic state and the way they act is nearly identical to the way the teenagers act in the Binge Drinking Girl and the Binge Drinking Boy. However, in South Africa, we do not have the same freedom as the teens in England, so it is more difficult to go out and openly

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