Alabama Fan Classification Essay

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Throughout Alabama most people are based in one of two categories. One being an Alabama fan, while the other is being an Auburn fan. We as southerners, for the most part, classify football as a second religion. Depending on one’s commitment to the team would determine the type of fan they would be considered as. In my opinion wearing crimson red and white is the way to go. When one is a truly committed fan, loving the game is just like breathing; it becomes automatic overtime. From die hard proactive fans, wavering fans, and fair weather fans by watching the actions of some it is not hard to tell how committed they are. Die-hard Alabama fans are never hard to spot. From head to toe they are usually decked out in crimson red and white. Most of the hardcore guy Alabama fans paint up their torsos with the teams colors. Occasionally, girls will too. If someone would ask them how many games they have been to or watched their answer would probably be that they have attested as many games at Bryant Denny Stadium as they could afford or could watch. If…show more content…
One week they could be an Alabama fan while by next week they would the complete opposite and be an Auburn fan. Depending on who won or lost the week before would probably help them choose who they are rooting for that week. This type of fan is far easier to spot than the die-hard or fake contributor fans. Another thing that could make them change teams, would be that his or her crush was a fan of that team and they wanted to impress them. Some of these fans may even go as low to down the other team; even though that was their team last week. Alabama fans or any fans for that matter know how to stick up for their team during times of duress or pressure by media, press, and social confrontations. By being this type of fan one does not keep a team long enough to fight for them. This type of fan will never experience what it means to be a “true

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