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Agatha Christie typically wrote mystery or crime novels. Many believe her writing is more dated than modern. She often adds French every now and then into her books. In the majority of her books she has the detective Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple. All of her books are fiction and geared towards young adults. In many of her books she used events she encountered in real life. At times it was hard for her to make the events that were happening in real life into fiction. Her writing style is very simple and easily understood by the reader, but at the same time she keeps her plots interesting and intriguing. Christie did not write this book for any particular reason. It follows her normal genre of mystery, crime and suspense. She did add one of her most popular detectives Hercule Poirot to this story. Poirot is one of Christie’s most beloved characters by readers. Like many of her other books, Christie very much enjoyed writing Peril at End House. Normally when writing a story, she would write more than one book at once.…show more content…
Poirot is a middle aged detective from Belgium. Hercule is described as a “tidy, little man”. He has much pride in his mustache and because he is such a tidy man, he only ever parts his hair down the middle. In the story Hercule is a retired detective, but comes across a case he couldn’t refuse. Poirot faces many problems in this case and even doubts his ability as a detective. Poirot is considered to be the best detective around and everyone knows who he is. He continues to get upset with himself all throughout the book for missing easy clues that could lead him to the killer. He changes in this story by regaining his confidence in himself as a detective. He also gains respect for all those involved in the case. Hercule is definitely a believable character. He faces many doubts that even happen today in everyday life. He shows determination and could teach the reader many

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