Advantages And Disadvantages Of North Carolina

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As time went on I’ve noticed that North Carolina has had a lot of downfall or disadvantages from the very beginning. One of the disputes and conflicts North Carolina had was the simple fact that there wasn’t an established government which led to a lot of problems. It think its more obvious today than any other time before. We defiantly have a more stable government today and there are still problems but not nearly as bad as the one in North Carolina. I’d like to look at this situation as sort of a domino effect, after one thing happened in NC it led to many other problems and conflicts. The government wasn’t stable and no real strong leadership. In the fact that the government not being stable there were problems like the Charter of 1665…show more content…
The state got this nickname because it was falling way behind from other states even the states that boarded them, they seemed to be sleep while other states were improving. The stated that surrounded the state had no interest in helping improve North Carolina, and neither did the Carolinians living there. They got way too comfortable with the way that things were going and was looking forward to changing anything. They were too stubborn and stuck in their ways that they didn’t want improvement no matter how bad things got, if anything the state was going downhill. Problems raged from not trusting in the government, for economic reasons not enough money wasn’t being made, and very uneducated. Because of these problems North Carolina ran in to many situations that effected them as a state. At one point was even looked at as a “poor” state. They had two men by the names of Archibald Murphey and Calvin Wiley actually put in the effect to help North Carolina become a more established and restoring the…show more content…
Murphey was a part of the state legislature he strived to better the school system and Wiley didn’t a number of thing for NC education like opened school and gave jobs to people where educated. He was first state superintendent of schools. Because of these two men it gave North Carolina a “new” state and people a better chance at life. Just by being educated you have a lot of advantages over someone who isn’t educated at all. North Carolinas nickname is accurate for them of that time period, when they were going downhill. After these two men came in a made a huge change I don’t think they deserved that name any longer. You can tell how much education was important to the stated because after education was truly established, North Carolina had a huge

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