Vietnam Veterans Memorial Summary

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Summaries/Analysis The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, inspired by the monuments built in memory of World War 1 soldiers, was designed to be simple in nature and used the power of names to commemorate the massive human loss felt worldwide post-Vietnam War. The idea that our names are the main legacies we leave behind was striking because it forced me to think about human life objectively and how our health is so important to our livelihood. This memorial, in turn, led to the NAMES project AIDS Memorial Quilt. The project worked not only to shed light and counteract the ignorance and indifference about the epidemic but also to expose and eliminate the privacy and social disgrace that went hand in hand with the disease by trying to bring the effect…show more content…
There is a known correlation between the degrading physical qualities of urban life, and these environments tend to be associated with crime, vandalism, and chaos in general. The Sunnyside neighborhood was one such region that had been plagued by these turmoils until art was introduced to it. The community created a gathering place: a giant painted sunflower at an intersection in the midst of the neighborhood. This improvement along with several other aesthetic changes was made to the region in Oregon, and as time passed, the positive effects were clear. These beautiful additions to the community fostered better healthier and happier residents, as dictated by the studies and polls taken for this study. Decreases in social alienation, depression, mental illness, etc. were evident as more people began to take notice of their communities and become active participants within them. Public health is not just awareness and education on the more “commonplace” ailments that get overlooked, i.e. obesity and diabetes, but it is also about the importance of an individual’s wellbeing, and how their health is determined not only by physical factors but also mental stability, financial safety, the security of a community, level of stress, etc. A person’s health is dependent on all of these things, not just one or two of them.

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