Adolescent Friendly Health Services Analysis

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RECOMMENDATIONS Adolescents period consider as an important period of human development. It is also a critical period in girls’ and boys’ lives as they transition from childhood to the responsibilities of adulthood. With a better understanding of their bodies and of their own physical and psychological changes, young people can go through puberty more confidently. It presents a window of opportunity because actions could be taken during this period to set the stage for healthy adulthood and to reduce the likelihood of problems in the years that lie ahead WHO (2012). Today adolescents need to be informed and given correct knowledge on their growth, health and teach them skills to have better help seeking behavior and adopting healthy life.…show more content…
 Working with government, NGOs and other partners can advocate for and supports the efficient delivery of a holistic, youth-friendly health-care package of services.  Adolescent friendly health services should have the complementary imperatives of, on the one hand, making it easier for adolescents to obtain the health services they need and, on the other, providing them with the health services they need in the right way.  Adolescent friendly health services represent an approach which brings together the qualities that young people demand, with the high standards that have to be achieved in the best public services. Such services are accessible, acceptable and appropriate for adolescents. These health services meet the needs of young people in this age range sensitively and effectively and are inclusive of all adolescents. Such services deliver on the rights of young people and represent an efficient use of precious health…show more content…
To achieve this goal, an efficient educational programmes and a variety of teaching and learning strategies providing up-to-date information are essential. Health workers can be trained to impart this knowledge through adolescent clinics at Primary Health Centers. Similarly, school teachers can be trained and suitable topics can be included in the school curriculum. Hence there is urgent need to intervene in early adolescent period by imparting knowledge on reproductive health.  Parent adolescent sexual and reproductive health communication is one potential source where improving adolescent-parent communication quality, self-disclosure and television/ media references co-viewing and discussions are essential to engage the parents in sexual and reproductive health education of the adolescents  A kind of involvement desired by teachers and their perceptions of handling students on reproductive health concerns can be enhanced through Teachers favored school-based reproductive health

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