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(IX) Executive summary FiestGroup PLC-period-2010-2014 FirstGroup is a bus and coach company, it’s a British transport group ,registered and operated in U.K. The company also providers services in any other countries, like Canada, United states and so on. This 5 years of revenue was basically upward trend, expect year 2014, in June 2013 most of First London bus operations were sold to Go-Ahead London, Metrolion and Tower Transit. Operations ceased in September 2013 when the remaining contracts expired. ( II )Business model FirstGroup is a bus and coach company which registered and operated in U.K., running more than 20% of all local bus services. So the directors consider U.K. Operations to be the main business segment.…show more content…
The other half of their revenue are from contracts or franchise agreements with the national government, regional and local authorities, local school boards, universities and private companies in North America. In September 2010 former London Underground managing director Tim O’Toole, already a board member since May 2009 and Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive since June 2010, was announced as the successor to retiring ground Chief Executive Officer Moir Lockhead with effect from 31 March 2011.1 FirstGroup is very focused in bus services, although their rail is the most profitable, they purchase a lot of money in many countries bus operations. But this is not truly reflected in the business annual…show more content…
This diagram showed out that FirstGroup has the highest revenue in these three companies. Every year’s revenue is more than 6000m, higher than the second company approximately 4000m. It means that FirstGroup is the outstanding company in competitions. Compare the other two companies, Stage Coach Group was better than National Express Group, it increased each year, National Express Group’ revenue in 2012 and 2013 was less than 2000m. But Stage Coach Group has the highest average revenue growth is 7.9%,due to in October 2010 Stage Coach Group expanded further by re-acquiring East London and Selkent, Stage Coach Bus 's former London bus operations. And Stage Coach Group is the only company has growth each year. The other company National Express Group was declined 8.6% per year, means this company is always lost lots of money, the FirstGroup is only losses in Year 2013. 1 These amounts are from FirstGroup five-year annual report. 2 These amounts are from National Express Group five-year annual report. 3 These amounts are from Stage Coach Group five-year annual

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