A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay

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Author Gabriel Marques demonstrates the world of magical realism in the story “A Very old man with Enormous Wings”. It combines typical, everyday things with incredible, supernatural events. The residents of the little town in the story did not understand that they could have been in the mist of one god’s heavenly individual. The old man that Pelayo found in the mud of their beach home, had wings like an angel, and did not speak their language Latin like an angel might not. It had the characteristics of an angel. But the old man was examined by the townspeople and it did not fit the exact requirements of magnificence the people thought angels should of have, they ignored him, and put him aside as being irrelevant and ” father Gonzaga was forever cured of his insomnia”(Marquez 391) in the text, the townspeople fail to determine the winged men being featured their paradigms.…show more content…
Not once anywhere showing the old man a single bit of compassion towards him, the neighbor woman wanted the old man to die, because, “angels in those times were the fugitive survivors of the celestial conspiracy”(391). After the old man was no longer their time, something more fascinating comes along and the winged man is no longer in anyone’s mind. The townspeople, no longer remember the old man, when a creature spider woman comes along. Spider woman was easier to see because the admissions are cheaper, they people got to hear her story and make her some questions. After realizing the old man with wings was just a “consolation miracle”(391) for his senescence, his reputation was ruined and spider lady “… crushed him completely”(391). As the old man takes off flaying away the main woman in the story was rejoicing to see him leave. They have their money, and big house at the damages at the expenses of the old man, but the woman realizes that “…he was no longer an annoyance in her, life but an imaginary dot on the horizon of the

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