The Importance Of Chemistry Meets Medicine

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Medicine has not only impacted and affected society in one specific way, but it has affected it in multiple different scenarios. Following these scenarios are the different fields of subjects that medicine has affected. Organic chemistry is known for being ignored as part of an act of the importance of medicine (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). In society nowadays, people are beginning to associate between organic chemistry and its importance in the medical field (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). Organic chemistry is important in medical fields. Furthermore, all living organisms are composed of abundances of organic compounds (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). Organic compounds represent different substances within the human body, which are essential…show more content…
Organic compounds also make up the enzymes and catalysts that are needed for the biological processes to happen. Pharmaceuticals are also comprised mainly of organic compounds, which must be known by the pharmacist before they administer the medication (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). Charles Darwin “had medicine in his blood” due to the fact that his father and grandfather studied medicine, as well as himself (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). Charles Darwin was known for studying and contributing to the medical field with his absolute knowledge of organic compounds. Charles believed that medicine fell within the range of his theory of evolution; furthermore, he recognized the ways in which the study of evolution and medicine could be mutually enriching to the human body (“Chemistry Meets Medicine”). It is obvious that organic molecules are essential for life and the human body, which are prescribed in…show more content…
Additionally, it generally concerns physics as devoted to medical imaging and radiotherapy. Medical imaging introduces the techniques and processes that are used to create images of the human body (“Medical Physics.”). They create images of the human body in order to be used in clinical purposes. Clinical purposes help reveal a diagnosis or medical disease/illness (“Medical Physics.”). Through medical physics, we are able to comprehend parts of the body through MRI scans (such as the brain) (“Medical Physics.”). Medical physics is in every form of medicine; from measuring the medical scales of medicine to the equipment such as MRI’s and X-Rays. The knowledge of medical physics can be used to understand the science of medicine (“Medical

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