A Time To Kill By John Grisham

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This book report is for Mrs. McElhany’s English four class. My book is A Time To Kill written by John Grisham. The book has 424 pages and is published by Wynwood Press. A Time To Kill was published in 1989 and was set in Clanton Mississippi. I chose this book because John Grisham is my favorite author and this looked like an interesting book. This was also one of the few John Grisham books I hadn’t read. There are two main characters in this book, Jake Brigance and Carl Lee Hailey. Jake Brigance is a young lawyer recently out of law school looking for a big case to boost his career. Carl Lee Hailey is the other main character who takes the law into his own hands. After two boys rape and viciously beat his daughter he shoots and kills them in the courtroom. Carl Lee Hailey never regrets what he did, as he believed they had to be punished.…show more content…
Tonya Hailey is the 10 year old girl who was raped and viciously beaten by Billy Ray Cobb and Peter Willard. Lucien Wilbanks is the man who set Jake up in his office, he is a very bright man but is always drunk. Omar Noose is the judge who handles Carl Lee’s case. Rufus Buckley is the public prosecutor who is for obvious reasons trying to find Carl Lee guilty. Harry Rex is a friend of Jake Brigance and has many ways to get information to help Jake in the case. Lester Hailey is Carl Lee Hailey's brother who helps Carl Lee Hailey's family while he is in jail, and is always supporting of what Carl Lee Hailey

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