A Short Story: A Monologue To The Orphelinage

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Today, was a bad one. First the village chief came to the cabine where uncle and me used to live. He congrulated me for being a adult now. He wad an old man surviving thank to small live stones, our village is a rich one, so he could afford it. The old hairy man wasn't here to give only his best wish. He was quite direct and franck, " Sherzu, you know the rules of the village. every child is raised equal, at the comming age only the one with the needed skill will stay or the one chosed by their family in a maximum of two by couple. Your mother had already tried to make you leave before your adulthood age, at that time the village rules protected you. But, today that protection ended you need to leave the village within two days, no food will be provided to you by the village, only two gold coins. If you wish to have more gold you can exchange it with life stones. Did you understood everything?". Quite a long monologue to…show more content…
One day a man came to the orphelinage and told me he was sent by my father -Why the orphelinage? My mother choosed it as a better home for me, such a carring woman, isn't she? - We went in the village border near a forest and create what he called " his fake house". He said he was choosed by my father to traine me, after a moment, he corrected himself saying " your father and me had a conflict of interest, he was stronger and forced me to an oat". From that day, i was forced to learn how to fight, to tame my fears, to kill in efficients ways, to use some strategic plan, to craft my own weapons. Every day from my fifth birthday to my Twelfth then next came the pratical lessons, which i would not be allowed to come back until i came with the monster or bandit head. If i came back with nothing, i would get a beatting. So from twelfth to my sixtennth year, i was killing, first individual and next group until i cleared a colony of trolls and a bandit
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